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19 Jun 2016

Our history of installing and maintaining security systems in schools goes back over 35 years. We have retained many of those original schools and we now currently maintain over 300 school security systems across Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire. These include specialist schools, primary and secondary schools and academies.

OFSTED is calling more and more for secure school sites to safeguard all children and staff whilst they are on school premises. This can include using;

  • Door entry systems that control access in to and out of buildings and outside spaces.
  • CCTV camera systems for monitoring and the ability to review incidents.
  • Intruder alarm systems for securing the site after hours when unoccupied and to deter criminals.

We are extremely experienced in the functional needs and various requirements a school can have and can ensure that the available budget (or lack of!) is used wisely and always with future proofing in mind. A recent comment to us from Zoe Randall, Health and Safety Coordinator at St Mary and St John School, Cowley;

“Safeguard have been looking after our school building for many years. We have always received a lovely welcome when we have contacted them. Their service is very professional, extremely helpful and they have resolved any issues or queries we have had with speed. When we have called an Engineer to attend our site they have been very efficient and friendly. We would highly recommend Safeguard Secure Solutions to anybody who is looking for a professional and efficient service to look after their security.”


16 Feb 2016

We felt that our previous name didn’t reflect all of the services we offer, as we have additionally been providing CCTV and Door Entry Systems for a number of years now. Nothing else will be changing, apart from a freshened logo and a fantastic new website! If you do have other security systems that we don’t currently maintain for you, why not give us a call and see if we can help!

Beth’s Pink Ladies – Who we are and who we’re all about

14 May 2015

A little off topic, but a topic close to our hearts and that of millions of women across the world – breast cancer.

Beth’s Pink Ladies is a fundraising group of women, formed in 2013 following the loss of our close friend and sister, Dr Bethan Reading from breast cancer at the age of 34. Beth, like so many women living and fighting against breast cancer, was determined that she would not be defined by her illness. Her un-wavering, dogged belief in herself to stand up to breast cancer affected us all and when we lost her, we took up the fight.

Beth’s closest friends and family continue to work together with Breast Cancer Now (BCN), honouring her memory and showing a united front of strength and positivity to all those who continue their own battle with breast cancer.

How we help

Beth’s Pink Ladies organise and run events throughout the year, aimed at raising awareness and funds for Breast Cancer Now. All our events are terrific fun and we always manage to laugh in the face of adversity.

Bi-annual Aerobics

Every other year in Bicester, we put on a themed aerobathon; We have previously donned all pink – including hair colour, dressed in full 80’s fancy dress and this year we were zombies! Everyone who came made a fantastic effort to dress and make themselves up as the living dead and some of the moves were truly ‘to die for’! Dancing to Michael Jackson’s Thriller among others, we had a fabulous time and made a great deal of money for the campaign.

Pink Ribbon Lottery

In August 2013 Breast Cancer Now in association with Rieves Lotteries Ltd (RLL) launched the Pink Ribbon Lottery, a completely new revenue stream for Breast Cancer Now that will reward its supporters with prizes every week.

The Pink Ribbon Lottery works in exactly the same way as any other lottery – you pay to play and have the chance to win a cash prize. A random number generator draws the winning numbers every week and 18 prizes are dished out to lucky participants. At only £1 per play, it’s worth a try when you see the prizes!

Top prize: £1,000

2nd Prize: £250

3rd Prize £100

Plus 15 x £10

So much more…

And of course, Beth’s Pink Ladies are so much more than lottery playing zombies! We hold frequent cake sales, big lunches, craft sales and even the occasional 24 hour horse relay! Come along to our website to find out more about the ladies and keep up to date about our fundraising events.

Thank you for reading, and please, don’t forget to ‘have a feel’. Find out how from Breast Cancer Now

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